Monday, April 2, 2012

Under Our Umbrella

After enjoying our new deck, we quickly realized we would need something to provide shade.  We purchased a 9 ft Market umbrella from Academy, it was a great deal for only $35.  It opens easily with a crank and even tilts!  But you can't have an umbrella without a stand.  The stands are $30, so I couldn't see spending that much for a pretty weight.  We decided to make our own!

We got an 18'' planter and filled it with a 60lb bag of cement.  We had left over 1 1/2'' PVC pipe from a plumbing project, which we inserted into the wet concrete.

After that set for 24 hours, we spray painted the PVC, added gravel on top of the cement and 4 little planters.

Much prettier than a weight, right?  And it cost less than $20.

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