Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Wreath

I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

I just wanted to share my Patriotic Deco Mesh Wreath. I've had it up since Memorial Day and plan on keep it up until Labor Day! It's perfect for the summer and all the Patriotic Holidays in between.

Supplies I used:

  • 15" Work Wreath (I couldn't find red or blue ones, so I bought a purple and spray painted it blue.)
  • 21" Silver, Red and Blue striped deco mesh (1 Roll, you will have leftovers.)
  • 10" Red Deco Mesh (Not even half of 1 Roll, so there will be plenty left over.)
  • 10" Blue Deco Mesh (Not even half of 1 Roll, so there will be plenty left over.)
  • Star Decorations (I had purchased 2 packs for 25 cents after Christmas, so I painted some white and silver and kept the others red.)
  • Bethlehem Lights (battery operated with a timer) I love these lights, I use them on all my wreaths.
For my wreath I used the 21" stripe deco mesh, starting on the inner circle of the wreath, then moving to the outer circle. I used about 9 inches of mesh for each "poof".

Then I added some 10" Red and Blue mesh to add a little more color to the wreath.

I glued the stars randomly on the wreath using hot glue. And then I added the lights to finish the wreath.

I used my left over 21" Silver, Red and Blue deco mesh to make some garland across my porch.  I also strung the globe lights with the garland for the 4th of July weekend.


  1. Doesn't explain, for the beginner how to make wreath. I have items and no idea how to put them together.

    1. In a previous post, I included more details about making the wreath - Hope this helps!