Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Goals

Andrews Bald, North Carolina

Wow! Where did 2016 go?
So many wonderful things happened in 2016, the biggest being I got married! I was so busy and I know I didn't blog very much. So I wanted to start 2017 off with my goals for the year.

Here are my 2017 Goals:
  1. Blog, Blog, Blog! I have so much wedding DIY to share with you! From invitations to wedding day signage and favors. Stay tuned for these blogs in the coming weeks.
  2. Make all my own cards. Now that I have more time I want to make my own cards - for birthday, congratulations and more! I have found a wonderful DIY card enthusiast, Jennifer McGuire Ink, and have fallen in love with card making. I hope to share some of the cards I make throughout the year on the blog too!
  3. Slow down and enjoy! 2016 was so busy with wedding planning and crafting that it went by too fast! This year I want to focus on the day to day joys and make sure I take the time to enjoy them.
  4. Travel. We honeymooned in Natchez, MS and Gatlinburg, TN and I caught the traveling bug! It was so gorgeous. We enjoyed trying new restaurants, hiking and so much more. I can't wait to plan our next vacation. 

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