Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Project

This weekend Michael and I decided to build a Compost Corral.  We had been talking about creating something to hold our organic waste, grass clippings and leaves for a while now.  And the compost will be great to add to our soil when we expand our garden in the fall.

We recently watched an episode of P. Allen Smith GardenHome and saw he had built his own Compost Corral.

We got all the supplies from Lowes for only $25.  We opted to build a 4' x 4' corral so we saved some money and only purchased (8) 8 foot landscape timbers.

Basically, you use blocks to raise the corral (so you can scoop the compost out from the bottom).  Then you make a base of landscaping timbers, drill a hole halfway through the ends and place the rebar in the timbers.

Then it's just like "Lincoln Logs", you just add a log to opposite sides and build all the way up.

But it can get a little cumbersome if the holes aren't exact.

This project only took us an hour!  It was extremely easily and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a way to 'corral' your compost.

I can't wait for our next weekend project, a Custom Pergola!

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  1. Love the garden and compost thingy! I feel the same way about tomatoes as you do, I'll eat them in stuff but I can't just eat a fresh one.