Monday, August 22, 2011

A Royal Dessert

I decided to bake a Royal Blue Velvet Cake this weekend.  I saw the recipe in a Betty Crocker email, and the picture was just too pretty to ignore.  I figured I didn't need a special occasion to bake, especially when you are baking a Royal Cake.

The biggest challenge was finding the paste food color.  I decided to check out Michaels, and learned they carry Duff Goldman's (the Ace of Cakes guy)  line of baking products.  I got the jewel tone 4 pack which included a sapphire blue, yellow, teal and black.  These colors are amazing, very vivid and didn't stain my hands while preparing or my mouth while eating.

The cake is pretty basic, using a box white cake mix.  You use butter milk and a little cocoa powder to make it red velvet-like.

The best part of this recipe was the icing.  It was delicious!  By using the marshmallow fluff it makes regular powder sugar and butter icing super light and fluffy.  Also, I put the cake in my cake dome, and the icing didn't harden over night, like many store bought icings will do.  2 days later and the icing is still light and fluffy!  

This was a pretty successful cake baking, because in 2 days I only have 1 slice left!  I had intended on bringing the cake to work to share, but bringing just one piece didn't seem fair.

I am excited to experiment with the rest of the Duff Cake product line as I make more cakes and cupcakes.  I think I will make some teal cupcakes (think Tiffany Cupcakes) next!

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