Friday, September 16, 2011

Flying Solo

This weekend Michael and I will tackle our first big home renovation project alone!  Usually, we have my parents running the show, but he and I will be tiling the laundry room floor all by ourselves.

We had a quick lesson last night on how to lay tiles

  • Start in the center of the room
  • only use as much adhesive that you need for a few tiles
  • use the tile spacers
  • proper use of the tile cutter

Pretty much everything that DIY covers here.

Now that we are tile experts hopefully we can complete the tile and grout this weekend.  I don't think anything can go terribly wrong. 

But the real question is will this Home Renovation make or break our relationship?  I should video the process and submit it to Renovation Realities, I'm sure we will be quite entertaining!

I also scored a great deal on 6 wall cabinets for the laundry room.  I found them on Craigs List.  This was my first time using Craigs List and it was great!  The price I paid for these 6 cabinets (only 4 pictured below) is less than what one would cost at the store!

Here are the cabinets before we sand and paint them. I think we will just paint them white.  But maybe I'll get gutsy and try a dark bold color.

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