Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Parran's PoBoys and Creole Creamery

Since we had to drop my parents off at the airport over the weekend, Michael and I decided to treat ourselves to some yummy NOLA food.

(Warning the following blog contains images of extremely delicious foods, I am not responsible for any drooling or diet cheating this will cause.  Janel and Jeff, you have been warned.)

Michael was craving a po-boy so I asked my dad for restaurant recommendations and he suggested Parran's in Metairie.

Parran's was great!  It was very cute, and I would guess Mom and Pop owned. (Because I think Pop ran the register and Mom brought out our food.)

I got a side of Fried Pickles, and they were awesome.  They must be hand sliced from whole pickles because they were thick and crispy!  I didn't realize a side was going to be so huge!

Michael got a Shrimp Po-boy and fries and I got a Roast Beef Po-boy.

I think he enjoyed it!

About a year ago, Michael and I saw this episode of Kid in a Candy Store that featured The Creole Creamery. We had wanted to check them out and finally got a chance on Saturday.

OMG this is the best ice cream I have ever eaten.  It is so creamy, I would call it Cold Cream - there is nothing icy about it.  The prices are great too!  Cheaper than other chain ice cream places.  Just remember to bring CASH.

Michael really wanted to get the Cracked Pepper and Cream Corn ice cream (that was mentioned in the video) but sadly they did not have that flavor right now.  But his second choice was Lavender Honey.  I think he looks sleepy because he was in a yummy food coma.

I got the Salted Carmel in a waffle cone.  It was amazing!  I can't wait to go back and try more flavors!

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