Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mardi Gras Deco Mesh

It's Carnival Time!

I was so excited about making my Mardi Gras decorations that I started back in December! I bought a gold work wreath after Christmas (60% Off, SCORE!). I had already ordered some Mardi Gras deco mesh and ribbon from Mardi Gras Outlet, because I wasn't sure what selection my local craft stores would have.

For my wreath I used 21" Mardi Gras stripe deco mesh, starting on the inner circle of the wreath, then moving to the outer circle. I used about 9 inches of mesh for each "poof".

I had some gold 2.5" deco mesh ribbon left over from Christmas, so I added to the wreath for a little extra color.

I fell in love with the purple dot ribbon I ordered from Mardi Gras outlet! I made a large bow with the 2.5 ribbon, then I wove some of the ribbon around the wreath.

I searched through my box of Mardi Gras beads for something to use as decoration. I found an old mask and some doubloons. I painted the mask with green craft paint and used a purple curls pick to jazz it up. I glued the mask and the doubloons on to the wreath with hot glue.

This is my favorite deco mesh wreath so far!

Since I had leftover deco mesh, I decided to make some garland! (I had scored the green work garlands after Christmas for 60% off as well.)

For the garland I used the 21" stripe deco mesh and some leftover purple 10" deco mesh. I also added some of the gold 2.5" deco mesh ribbon.

I found some cute LED globe Mardi Gras lights at Hobby Lobby and wove them through the garland.

After hanging the garland on my porch, I added 3 large, glittery ornaments. (My mom found these on clearance after Christmas from Kmart!) I used floral wire to attach the ornaments so I can take them off and package them separately after the season.

So here is my Mardi Gras porch!

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