Thursday, March 6, 2014

'Be Our Guest' Room Update

Since our family went to Disney World, I've been wanting to update my Guest Room with some new Disney Shwag. (Here is what the 'Be Our Guest' Room looked like originally.)

When we booked our vacation, I ordered the Free Custom Park Maps. When I saw how nice they were I decided to use them as art!

The maps are very large (around 14" x 20") and I couldn't find a frame that size, so I purchased an 18" x 24" and mat board.

I cut the mat board to fit the frame and put the map on top. I tried cutting the mat to put the map behind, but I didn't like how it covered some of the map design.

Here is the framed map! The maps are folded, so they do have creases but they aren't very noticeable. Also, the parks are printed on both sides, so if you wanted to frame all 4 you would need to order 2 sets. So far I have only framed the Disney World Map.

Since going to Disney World, I have 2 new collections. We got hooked on Vinylmation! I needed some shelves to display my collection on so we built corner shelves just like these picture frame shelves.

I also started collecting the Disney Shoe Ornaments! These are adorable!

If I'm not careful I will run out of space and there will be no room for guests in the Be Our Guest Room!

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