Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Bath

A few weeks ago we discovered a leak in my downstairs bath ceiling.  After ripping out a large portion of the ceiling we learned the leak was coming from the upstairs bath shower. (The leak is all fixed now!)

Thanks to this little leak we had an impromptu mini bathroom renovation!

When I first bought the house, this bathroom was a pink nightmare.

We ended up gutting the entire bathroom and starting over.  Since there was a lot of wasted space we added 2 closets, one for the bathroom and another for the hallway.  (One can never have enough closet space.)

One odd thing about this bathroom was the shower/tub.  Originally there was only a bath tub so after we added the shower, I had to find an 'L' shaped shower curtain rod.

I had never decorated or done much to the downstairs bath so this gave me the opportunity to do so.  Since we had to repaint (after sheet rocking the ceiling there was texture and mud on the walls) I decided to pick a new color.  Originally I had painted this bathroom yellow.  Now it's a fun apple green!