Monday, June 3, 2013

Making a Cucumber Trellis

Our Summer garden is in full swing!  This year we only planted tomatoes and cucumbers, since I really enjoyed making my homemade pickles last year.

Last summer the cucumbers were out of control! Growing all over the trellis and ground.  So I knew we needed a better trellis of some type for the cucumbers. After doing some research, I decided to construct a trellis out of PVC pipes and twine.

We started out by driving about 2 feet of rebar into the ground.

Then we cut our 3/4'' PVC to about 8ft long and placed it over the rebar.

We repeated this for all 4 pieces of PVC. Then I used PVC elbows to connect horizontal pieces of PVC at the top.

Then we used jute twine and tied it horizontally around 3 sides of the "cube".  

I left one side open so I could walk inside to pick the cucumbers.

So far we added 3 rows of twine, but as the plants grow we will add more.

I'm excited to see how this works out!  Hopefully we will get better shaped cucumbers and be able to pick them all easily.