Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Door Decor

I stumbled across this neat Valentine's Day Door Decor post on Pinterest last week. I decided to give it a try and make my own!

I purchased Styrofoam shapes (you can find these in the floral department of craft stores). The 'O' was easy because they have different sized Styrofoam wreaths.  I had to create the 'X' by cutting two rectangles of Styrofoam and gluing them together. I painted the 'X' and 'O' with red craft paint just so they would blend in with the flowers.

While I really liked the rustic look of using pink and red berries for this, I wasn't able to find any in my local craft stores.  I decided to use pink and red roses with white carnations instead.  Since these flowers had metal stems I was able to cut them and just push them into the styrofoam.  I used hot glue where needed to make sure nothing would fall off.

Here's a side by side comparison.  What do you think?

Ordering the Kisses and Hugs Berry Wreath from Etsy would have been $75 plus $17 shipping.  I made mine for less than $30.

Happy Valentine's Day!