Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unrequited Blog Tour

by Emily Shaffer
Release Date: 09/23/14
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:
In the town of Belle Ridge there are doctors, lawyers and teachers... but there is only one vampire. Will Leighton has become an expert in making a life for himself amongst the unsuspecting small-town inhabitants, as the high school history teacher. He has spent hundreds of years crafting an identity and routine that make him feel almost human, but he is always missing that important final element, love.

Ashton Wallace is beautiful, smart, and angry. She was forced into an eternal existence, and now her family has moved her away from everything and everyone she knows. In Belle Ridge she is supposed to finish high school and start her life again, but how do you make plans for the next several centuries?

Will has never met another of his kind, and is immediately intrigued by Ashton. He longs to show her that the perceived vampire lifestyle, so popular in storybooks, is far from reality...but will she let him be a friend and guide in this new existence? Can Ashton accept Will into her life, or will she be led astray by a dark stranger with whom she shares an unknown connection?

My Review

I am a HUGE vampire book fan. I grew up reading The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith and The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike. In my mind that's the Vampire World I am used to. Vampires drink blood, they have supernatural powers and an aversion to the sun.

Unrequited is a new spin on vampires. They no longer need blood to survive and have no real issues in the sun. And until Will meets Ashton he believes he is the only vampire and is destined to live forever ALONE. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars. Unrequited had a slow start, and it almost felt like 3 books in one. I enjoyed that most of the vampires were good, not out drinking blood and murdering innocent people. The book leaves us with a cliffhanger (almost quite literally) but Emily is working on a sequel. 

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About the Author

Whether writing stories to entertain her younger siblings, or typing up an essay for a class, Emily Shaffer has been a writer for as long as she can remember.  Her stories may have changed from talking cartoon frogs to angsty young adults, but her goal to write a compelling story remains the same.  When not writing, she lives in Nashville and enjoys all the music, food, and excitement that city has to offer.  Her first novel, the well-received chick-lit title That Time of the Month was self-published on Amazon in 2012.  Her latest novel, as the others before, are fueled by diet soda and pie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Screwdrivered Review

by Alice Clayton

I wasn't sure if I would like Viv. When we first met her in Rusty Nailed I wasn't a fan. I may have judged her on her appearance. Well you know what they say - Never judge a book by it's cover - because I love Viv! She's a romantic and a bookaholic!

I think Ms. Clayton could write an instruction manual and I would read it! (Because you know it would be HOT!)

I love Viv's inner romance novel dialogue. But she is setting herself up to be disappointed -  real life romance can be quite different than romance novels.

I can relate to Viv, having done my fair share of home renovations. It's both exciting and exhausting. And she has a hot librarian to help!

I had no idea what to do with a nice guy. I'd never dated a clean-cut, Backstreet Boy type; I'd always stayed in the heavy metal/alternative, dirty, tattooed-boy section.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars! I really enjoy all of Alice Clayton's books, and Screwdrivered  was no exception. This story was all about Viv - growing up, figuring out what she wants, and figuring out what she likes in a guy versus what she needs in one.

I can't wait to read the next book in The Cockatil Series - Mai Tai'd Up!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Indiscretion: Vol. Four Cover Reveal

About INDISCRETION: Volume Four

The image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched.

Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the pain coursing through me?

Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered in the wound.

I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming…

Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a happy ending in which the two of us were together.

INDISCRETION: Volume Four releases September 15th– add it to your Goodreads list here!

Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume One

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Find out more about INDISCRETION: Volume Three

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All four volumes will be available together in one paperback shortly after the release of the fourth volume.


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Word Art

Happy Fall! I know we technically have a few weeks until the official start of fall but I am definitively ready for FALL!

I got a head start on my fall decorating this Labor Day weekend. I've been seeing lots of subway word art on Pinterest so I decided to create my own. I had a large space above my new credenza that I wanted to fill.

I started with some left over plywood cut to 36"w x 21"h. I sanded then painted the plywood a brownish orange.

After the first coat, I thought the paint was a little too bright. For the second coat of paint I mixed some off white with the orange and did some dry brushing of the brown and white to give the background some texture.

Next I needed to create the word layout. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the font/word layout.

I used Illustrator so I could save the art as a .SVG file which I could upload into Cricut Design Space.

I decided to cut the words out of beige indoor vinyl, I calculated I would need 3 sheets of 12" x 24" vinyl.

I tried to keep the layout as close to the final design as I could, but because of the size of the vinyl I had to move words around to fit. So after I cut all the words out and weeded the vinyl, I placed everything on the plywood to see how it would look.

Then I started the semi tedious process of using transfer tape to place the words onto the plywood. I used a ruler to keep a consistent border on the edges and to keep the words straight.

After all the words were placed, I attached the burlap ribbon to the back of the plywood. I used (a lot) of staples around the edge of the ribbon to make sure it would be strong enough to hold the plywood.

I purchased a bronze hook from Hobby Lobby to hang the word art from. I used anchors to secure the hook to the wall since it would be supporting heavy plywood.

I think the word art looks great above my credenza! This project was relatively inexpensive, since I had the left over plywood my only costs were the paint (59 cents a bottle), the vinyl (1.99 per sheet), the burlap (50% off at Hobby Lobby and I still have plenty left for decorating), and the hook (50% off at Hobby Lobby). Grand total - less than $15!

I plan on making a new word art for each season!