Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm a Bookworm

I have always had a love for books.  As a child, I remember going to the summer reading programs at our local library and making a promise to read 'X' number of books (I always went above and beyond this goal :)).

For Christmas last year, I got a Kindle. Probably the best gift ever! Michael knows me too well!

Though having a Kindle has been dangerous! I have been 'one-clicking' away! It's so easy and affordable when so many books are only .99! There are actually lots of FREE ebooks too!

Now I have a Kindle full of books to be read and not enough time to read them!

There are a few book blogs I follow where I can read reviews, learn about sales, and even find new authors to love.

Since I'm a bookworm, I'm going to share my thoughts on books as I read them. Maybe I can help others find their next favorite book!

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