Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butterfly in the Sky...

A few years ago, my aunt planted a Butterfly garden at my grandparents house. She ordered some caterpillars and in a few months they had hundreds of butterflies! 

It was really neat to watch the caterpillars triple in size, make cocoons and then turn into beautiful Monarch butterflies. Since then I've wanted to have my own butterfly garden.

We started planning for the garden a few weeks go.  I already had a Butterfly Bush, so I wanted to make that the focus of the garden.

Butterfly Bush

I added Salvia and Hibiscus to the garden, plants that butterflies like to drink nectar from.


I finally found Milk Weed (or Butterfly Weed) at Lowes this past weekend.  This is essential for any Butterfly garden.  The caterpillars eat the leaves and the Butterflies drink the nectar from the flowers and lay their eggs here.
Milk Weed

We finished it off with some mulch and cute white fencing to keep Lola out.

Now I just need to order some caterpillars!

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