Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last weekend I made a delicious cheesecake from scratch. I had never made cheesecake before so I was a little apprehensive, but Michael requested this cheesecake and since we were celebrating the end of his spring semester with all A's, I decided to give it a try.

Giada de Laurentiis Honey Ricotta Cheesecake

The first thing I had to do was get a spring form pan!  And I soon realized that Walmart probably wouldn't have all the necessary ingredients, so I went to Fresh Market to get Biscotti, fresh Ricotta, Clover Honey and some Croissants (those were for breakfast the next day :)).

I also realized I needed a food processor so I thought this was a good excuse to finally buy one!

I'm so glad the recipe tells you to wrap the outside of your spring form pan with foil, because I noticed that my cheesecake mixture did leak out a little near the clasp on the pan.

Here is the Biscotti crust before it went into the oven, it didn't look much different after 15 minutes of baking.

In the middle of making the cheesecake, I learned I did not own a roasting pan large enough to fit my new spring form pan in.  So I had to rush over to my mom's house to borrow one!

I was a little confused if the cheesecake was supposed to bake at 350° aswell since the recipe didn't specify. But it turned out great after baking for probably 1 hour and 10 minutes!

The hardest part about this recipe is that you can't eat the cake for 8 hours! It has to chill in the refrigerator.

But it was worth the wait!  The cheesecake was amazing! Not super sweet, but smooth and creamy.  I plan on making this again, but tweaking the recipe with different flavors of Biscotti and maybe making a chocolate or caramel cream cheese filling.

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