Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 5 Books or Series of 2013

Since I wasn't able to write a book review for every book I read in 2013 (though this is a goal for me in 2014) I wanted to write a list of my top 5 books/series that I read in 2013.

#5 Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

I found out about this book on Lauren Conrad's blog.

This is the story of 3 best friends who feel everyone they know is getting married! How relatable! The book is a collection of stories that all are semi connected by the three girls - Isabella, Mary and Lauren. It tells of their jobs, boyfriends, struggles and more. Have a dead-end job? Feel like you are always attracted to the wrong guy? Have trouble getting along with your in-laws? We learn of marriages, divorces, babies and more as we ride the roller coaster of emotions with these women.

I really related to the girls in this book. Their stories felt very real and genuine. Growing up is hard and life can be frustrating! This book makes you feel like you aren't the only one with problems!

I think the big take-a-way from this book was not the worry about everything. Everything happens for a reason, things will work out, and I am not the only one with these thoughts and feelings. And most of all - don't let the pressure of everyone you know getting married affect your relationship. Every relationship is different and moves at it's own pace.

An important thing to note is that this book isn't a story with a beginning, middle and an end. It's a slice of these 3 women's lives. There is not always an obvious point or reason for each story in the book. It is best to go into reading this book with an open mind. If you are in your mid-20s, this is a great read for you!

#4 Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Fans of Adult Erotica novels will enjoy Beautiful Bastard! If you loved 50 Shades and want a face paced steamy novel this book is for you! I rated it 5 out of 5 stars and plan on reading it again and again! To read my full book review please visit -

This is a series of 3 books: Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, Beautiful Player; and 3 novellas: Beautiful Bitch, Beautiful Bombshell and Beautiful Beginning.  Since I loved Beautiful Bastard, I am dying to read the rest of the series, and they are on my Must Read list in 2014.

#3 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Series by Ann Brashares

This is a series of 5 books (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood, Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood and Sisterhood Everlasting.)

I was instantly drawn to this story of 4 best friends because it reminded me so much of my best friends in high school. I could easily relate to all four of the characters in many different ways. I was Lena: shy and cautious, Tibby: sarcastic and a little rebellious, Carmen: emotional and the glue of the friendship and Bridget: impulsive and at times reckless.The bond these 4 girls shared reminded me so much of my BFFs.

No matter how different they are or how far apart the pants keep them connected. Sadly, as the girls grow up and apart their lives take them in different directions and they try to use the pants to hold onto their friendship. And by the time we get to the 5th book the girls have really grown apart. This hit very close to home for me because I haven't really stayed close with my high school friends. Sure we email or Facebook, but the connection that was once there has faded.

I initially saw the 2 movies based in these books years ago and thought they were great. I finally got around to reading all the books this year and discovered how truly amazing they were!

#2 The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I loved this series by Veronica Roth! I would definitively recommend these books to fans of The Hunger Games. I gave Divergent 5 out of 5 stars - to read my full review please visit

I was surprised with how the series ended. It was not what I expected, so be prepared for some plot twists and turns as you read Insurgent and Allegiant.

I am anxiously awaiting the Divergent movie coming out in March 2014. It stars Shailene Woodley, and she's one of my favorite young actresses. I think she will make a great Tris and Theo James will make a VERY handsome Four.

#1 The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Have you ever read a book that foreshadowed its ending within the first few pages? And then you couldn't tear yourself away as you fell full speed into an emotional crash? That's what happened to me while reading The Fault in Our Stars

You should know before getting into this book that it is the story of 2 teenagers with terminal cancer. That being said, it is an amazing story that will touch your heart. 

I really appreciated John Green's sarcastic humor throughout the book. I found myself laughing on one page and then crying on the next. It was definitively an emotional roller coaster, but one I would ride again! 

The Fault in Our Stars movie comes out June 6, 2014 and I can't wait to see it. It stars Shailene Woodley, who I am calling the current Hollywood IT Girl because she has been in a number of great movies in 2013.

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