Thursday, June 15, 2017

Old Window Transformation

When we purchased our fixer upper 7 years ago, we replaced all the old wooden windows with new vinyl single-hung windows. Most of the old windows had broken glass, but kept one that was still in good condition for a craft project.

I had originally painted the window blue and then it sat in the garage for years. When I finally got around to looking at it, I hated the blue. I decided this would be a good project to try chalk paint on, so I purchased some porcelain white chalk paint from Michaels.

I had never used chalk paint before, but I love the matte finish it creates. I had to re-sand the window to help remove the blue paint, and then I painted 3 coats of the white chalk paint. After letting the last coat dry for 24 hours, I sealed the chalk paint with clear wax. You simply brush on the wax, wait a few minutes then buff off with a cotton rag, it couldn't be easier.

I searched on Pinterest for old window projects and found one that someone added a shelf to. I loved the idea of more space to display decor, so we cut a shelf  and some brackets and I painted those white.

Since the glass was so old (probably over 50 years), it wasn't clear and that bothered me, so I decided to paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

I painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint, and sanded before the final coat and this resulted in a smooth surface. Make sure to prime the chalkboard with chalk before using.

To dress up the window we cut 4 mullions to create the look of a 6 panel window. I used hot glue to adhere them to the window.

I am in LOVE with the final result. I added some vintage estate sale finds, cotton garland and my Nora Fleming Bud Vase, and viola!

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