Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I Love Reality TV

Monday while watching the overnight dates on Ashley's season of The Bachelorette, I realized why I love reality tv so much.

I'm a sucker for romance.  Movies like The Notebook always strike a chord within me.  I can't help thinking, "Will someone love me like that one day?".  I can't get enough of the mushy stuff.  And always in the movies, things go pretty smoothly and there is always that perfect moment.  That moment when the two people both know they love each other.

On the Bachelorette, I am rooting for J.P.  I think he has been genuine from the beginning, (as genuine as reality tv can be).  And you can't fake that look he has in his eyes when he stares at Ashley.  On Monday night I found myself yelling at the tv., "J.P just tell her you love her," he hasn't yet, but I know he will. Based on the little truth that we see on this show, I think they will be very happy together.  (I'm an avid reader of Reality Steve's Blog, so I know who the rumored winner is, and I'm excited about it!)

Even though reality tv is scripted, I can still believe some of what they say.  I still want to believe these people are falling in love on National tv.  Call me a fool for believing that but I do.  I need to believe that love like that exists in the world.  That two people can find each other and know that they are meant to be together.

With all the bad in the world today,  I am comforted by the belief that love is out there.  I'll be a hopeless romantic forever.

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